Sunday, June 8, 2008

Writing and Insanity

Sometimes, that's what it's like. Hearing voices. Seeing images. Getting totally absorbed in a world that's completely real, but only in my head.

Don't get me wrong--I'm not saying that writing isn't hard work. It's 98% butt-in-chair, and detailed research, and contemplating plot arcs and character arcs and lots of other boring stuff. But there's the insanity part, too.

Some days I can barely squeak out a few hundred words. Some days I can't stop writing, and 3k or 5k or 7k, or once (on a truly crazy, crazy day) 10k, fly right out.

I think the bottom line for me is, writing is a lot like love. Sometimes it's all hot and bothered, sometimes it's cold and distant and all about the messy details, and sometimes, maybe most of the time, it's a blissfully steady stream of warmth and support.

Do you write? What's writing like for you? Do you read? What's reading like for you?


Tina Marie Salsman said...

Hi Anna--

I read the review of Bound by Shadow in Romantic Times! Congrats on the great review! I'm looking forward to reading your book when it finally hits the shelves.

And as for writing . . .I researching, developing plot, and character arcs. But those days when the writing "flows" make the hard work well worth the effort.

In regards to reading . . .I just devoured NIGHT KEEPERS by Jessica Andersen. It's been a while since a book kept up late into the night.


M.Postma said...


I just got done reading Bound by Shadow and loved it. I loved the way you developed the characters. I am hoping even though Andy is not part of the triad that you will also develop a story for her. I think that she is just as important as Riana, Merilee and Cynda. Please she adds the crazy, kick-ass, take no prisoner's angle to the story. It would be interesting to watch he fall in love.

I have always enjoyed writing and back in the day I was always taking creative writing classes. I still write now and then, but I can never seem to finish anything. I get halfway through it and then I get stuck on how it should end. Maybe someday it will come to me.

Reading is my passion. It is my escape from reality. When I just need to get away I pick up a book and totally immerse myself into the story. It normally doesn't take me to long to get through a good book. I am looking forward to your next two books, Bound by Flame and Bound by Light.


Anonymous said...

I read all three of the Sisterhood books, and love your writing style and the fast pace with which the story moves. For me reading is an obsession, and I appreciate books like yours where I can get lost in a fantasy world so completely, that I feel as though I am actually part of it.

My only "problem" with the trilogy was the character of Jake. I don't feel there was enough explanation as to how, in such a short time, he could have developed the maturity to go with his adult body -- and where would he have developed sexual expertise??? Otherwise, I loved all 3 books as I said earlier.

Rusty said...

It tells you in the book that he was with several women to develop his sexual maturity, and that he used his time at the motherhouses learning, and as Mother Anemone say to him, " after touching the wisdom of centuriesof memories shared by those of your species, could you truly limit yourself to human flesh and human ignorance." I think that she has more than made it clear how Jake has matured to where hre is now, and that taking a deeper look at this might have taken away from the story. If we are focused on the fact that he was a kid and is now an adult demon having sex and falling in live less than two years later it might have gotten a bit wierd.

Anna Windsor, I read every paranormal book that I can get my hands on and I have to say, yours are some of my favorites. Excellent story, characters, flow, and you left none of my questions unanswered. My only complaint is that it is only a trilogy. I would love to see more of Andy, you left her so sad< and also what about Bela Argos....NOW what kind of guy would it take to be with a woman like that!!!!

debbi said...

I write myself. I have a website of seduction short stories. My aunt has told me to find publishers and write longer short seductive stories. Writing inspiration comes in bursts. I joined two writing groups on yahoo about 3 or 4 years ago. Posted stories and got rave reviews. I'm now in a LiveJournal contest with weekly entries. The other 'writers' comment, and I learn a lot. Writing is cathartic in a way. It lets my imagination run, especially at a time when I have no man in my life. LOL

I have several favorite authors that I wait impatiently for the next book in their series, or a new series they've started. My imagination doesn't quite run the lines that my fave authors do. I love being transported into other realms, worlds. :)

Anna Windsor said...

Thank you for the congrats. I'm thrilled that the DCS books have been so well received! COntinue writing, short or long stories, whatever hones your craft. You'll do great, just believe in yourself!

M. Postma;
Thank you for your note. There are 3 more DCS books upcoming. Bela and Andy do get stories of their own - how could I not, they screamed their way through :) I'll have more info soon. Keep writing, you'll find a world unlike any other as you continue. Just believe!

Thank you for writing and your kind words.
I'm sorry if there was some confusion for you Re: Jake. I thought I had expresses/explained everything easily. Perhaps you'll give it another read-through? :)

Thank you for taking the time to write.
Thank you too for explaining about Jake. I appreciate it and glad that it came through ok for you. As mentioned above, you'll see more of Bela & Andy soon :) Yes indeed, it will take a considerably strong male to tame her :) Keep watching my website for info.

Thank you for writing.
Do join groups with authors and critique partners that will be honest with you. There's so much to learn in this business & I am always learning too. Just believe in yourself and write because you love it!

Thank you all for writing, it means a lot to me. My apologies on the delay in responding. It's been a very busy few months and things have returned 'normal' -- whatever that is, especially when I'm already back into writing like mad.

Take care and thank you for your support!