Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dark Crescent Sisterhood -- NEW release dates

Happy 2010!

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas & that the New Year has started wonderfully for you all. The holidays are always a busy time, and writing has kept me from posting regularly as well. I hope I'm forgiven :o)

Due to scheduling issues, that have now been resolved, I have NEW release dates for the continuing stories of the DCS series. The NEW release dates are...

  1. CAPTIVE SPIRIT -- November 23, 2010
  2. CAPTIVE SOUL -- December 28, 2010
  3. CAPTIVE HEART -- January 25, 2011

Still a bit of time yet, but I think everyone will find they were worth the wait. Any changes in the schedule again -- and I only hope that if there is a change, it will be with sooner release dates -- I'll keep everyone posted asap. Keep your fingers crossed that there will be no further delays!!

I always love to hear from my readers. Feel free to email me anytime at

I wish everyone a wonderful year ahead!

Stay safe, stay warm and be happy.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Captive Spirit ...

Hello everyone.

Disappointing news – unfortunately, due to some publisher changes with Ballantine and their publishing schedules, the next Dark Crescent Sisterhood story will not release this month as originally expected. CAPTIVE SPIRIT now has a August 2010 release date.

I apologize to all my readers who were greatly anticipating the next DCS book. I am greatly disappointed as well, however, there are always some things way beyond my control. I assure you the book will make it to your eager hands very soon!

I hope you all had a wonderful summer.

Stay warm, stay well and be happy.

Monday, July 6, 2009


Good afternoon friends! I hope all is well with everyone. Was your 4th of July wonderful? We had nice weather thankfully!

NEWS: CAPTIVE SPIRIT - the next Dark Crescent Sisterhood Novel is due to release in September.

Unfortunately due to some time-consumption and confusion at Amazon, they don't have CS available for pre-order. There are some behind the scenes changes through my publisher etc., and the info hasn't been fully developed on yet. does have the covers, however the release dates are incorrect. I'll post info here as I have it.

But the bright news today, is that I can share the CS cover, blurb and small excerpt!

I hope your summer is starting off beautifully and you're all taking care of yourselves! Happy reading.


So without further ado...


Captive Spirit

A Novel of the Dark Crescent Sisterhood

Release Date: September 29, 2009
ISBN-10: 0345513894
ISBN-13: 978-0345513892

The night holds endless pleasures . . . and hides nameless terrors.Bela Argos has suffered too many losses to count, and she's determined to keep her new fighting group safe. Manhattan is under siege by a new and deadly pride of demons, and she'll do whatever it takes to defeat the evil band of murderers and protect her new family--even kill the sexy, wounded police officer she's hiding in her basement.
Duncan Sharp never believed in the supernatural. A war veteran with many years of service in the NYPD, he prefers to solve his problems with badge, cuffs, and bullets. When he wakes to find himself hostage to a gorgeous bunch of women in leather--women who command earth, air, fire, and water--he doesn't know what to think, and when Bela's around, thinking is damned hard, anyway. Never mind the supernatural infection threatening to end his life and turn him into a creature he can't begin to imagine. The demons are coming, and they're coming for Bela and Duncan. To save each other and everything they value, they just might have to sacrifice everything.

Captive Spirit Excerpt
© Anna Windsor
All Rights Reserved, 2009

July, Three Years After the Fall of The Legion

Bela Argos coughed against the sulfurous wind in her face before she even broke free of the transportation channel.
I have to be crazy, coming here first.
The saner part of her mind urged her to turn around and run right back to the earthy, orderly comfort of Motherhouse Russia, but she was a Sibyl, a warrior of the Dark Crescent Sisterhood. The mark—a tattoo of a mortar, pestle, and broom in triangular points around a dark crescent moon—was tattooed on her right forearm. No way was she going to let a bunch of fire-spitting Irish bitches send her home with her tail between her legs.
Bela lunged through the final barrier of elemental power separating her from her destination. She barely managed to keep her balance as she stumbled out of the ancient channel of energy onto the large, round platform in the communications chamber deep within Motherhouse Ireland. Her right hand gripped the hilt of her sword before she could see or hear or get her bearings. Her battle leathers felt a size too tight as they reacted to the heat in the big stone chamber, and her heart thumped like ritual drums during a Solstice celebration. She jerked in a ragged breath as her chest expanded in opposition to the crushing pressure of moving through space and time so quickly. The ancient channels of transportation and communication that crisscrossed the earth were effective—but a real bitch for people without lungs the size of Rhode Island.
As Bela’s vision cleared, she caught a last glimpse of the place she had just departed—Motherhouse Russia, with its calm brown-robed adepts.
Or a great place to hide.
Screw it.
The familiar images of the Russian adepts lingered in the projective mirror, the special piece of elementally treated glass sealing the channel from which Bela had just emerged, but faded as the glass once more grew solid. Smoke swirled through the surface, gradually obscuring everything Bela associated with peace and safety.
She was all alone now.
Bela’s jaw clenched as fire billowed around her.
In hell.
The hot blast of energy singed her from all sides, flowing down from the huge castle above her. It took all of her elemental earth talents to keep the scalding power from sizzling her into ash and tooth enamel.
Did everything with fire Sibyls have to be so confrontational?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

News -- MORE Sibyls

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you have a wonderful holiday!

I'm happy to share with you that there are indeed more Sibyls on the way! I'm guessing this is good news ? *g* I'm THRILLED that there will be three more titles.

Titles & release dates (release dates are always subject to change)
CAPTIVE SPIRIT (September 29, 2009)
CAPTIVE HEART (October 27, 2009)
CAPTIVE SOUL (November 24, 2009)

The books are already available at Amazon for Pre-Order!!!

Keep an eye on my website for future updates. I hope I have covers to share soon!

Have a safe and happy Easter!


Monday, March 16, 2009

"John Doe" Novella Now Available!!!!!

Featuring my novella “JOHN DOE”

Published by Running Press
ISBN-10: 0762436514
ISBN-13: 978-0762436514

“Fall in love with someone out of this world…
Let Alyssa Day, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Jeaniene Frost, Cheyenne McCray, Ilona Andrews, Kelley Armstrong, Maria V. Snyder, Carrie Vaughn, Anna Windsor, Allyson James Marland and others show you powers beyond your wildest imaginings.”

JOHN DOE by Anna Windsor Excerpt--Chapter ONE
Copyright, Anna Windsor, 2009

“Happy birthday to me.” My voice didn’t echo, but only because my office at Harshview Psychiatric Hospital was so small. I lifted my way-too-early-morning coffee to toast the institutional clock hanging opposite my only window, and wished the cinderblock walls weren’t quite so blindingly white.
“The big three-oh,” I said to nobody, and pretended like I was shaking a non-existent party noisemaker. The admissions nurse and aide were out with gastroenteritis, and the nightshift secretary was two months from retirement. She showed up only when it damn well pleased her to do so. Which was never.
So, here I was, Dutch Brennan, celebrating a milestone birthday in New York City, all by my lonesome. Some things never changed. In my opinion, most things never changed. My father taught me that, along with a lot of paranoid things about how dangerous the world could be.
*Just when you think it’s okay, baby girl­boom. Here come the monsters.*
Then he’d put me through my paces. Sayokan. Turkish martial arts. I’d trained four days a week, almost every week of my life. If I ever met a monster, I was ready­but I guessed most monsters were scared of Harshview Psychiatric Hospital. I hadn’t met any since I came to work here just after residency and fellowship. Hadn’t met too many friends, either, which is why I was having a birthday at work.
My only gift to myself was a fresh-brewed pot of Starbucks Verona, brewed in the ancient pot down the hallway, and mixed with a packet of no-fat cocoa. At least the fresh, nutty scent competed with the hazy stink of orange cleanser, bleach, and old-stone-building mold. The rich perfection of chocolate-spiked coffee flooded my mouth and warmed my throat as I leaned back against my rattletrap wooden desk, careful not to bump my computer monitor or topple the stacks of last week’s paperwork.
“Maybe I should buy myself a condo someplace warm, like Malibu,” I told the clock, which silently informed me that it was 3:00 am, and I still had four boring hours to survive before I got to slog through the snow to get home. But the condo idea­maybe that did have some merit. After all, I was a doctor. And I had dark hair and kind of naturally tanned skin.
“But I’m too full-figured to fit in with the beach bunnies,” I admitted to the clock. “I’d probably never score a date in Malibu.”
Like I ever gave myself a chance to get a date in New York City, either. How long had it been since I’d done something other than work the nightshift, then hit the gym? Four years? Five? The back buzzer blasted through the cool silence of the entire admissions area. I jumped so hard my coffee almost sloshed onto the sleeve of my lab coat.
*Oh, great.*
My heart thumped high in my chest, like it was thinking about making a break for my throat. Nobody but the NYPD ever came to the back door, and they probably had patient drop-off. I stepped out of my office and blinked at the darkened admission hallway. Even though there were five floors full of patients and nurses and aides above my head, ground-level was totally deserted.
What if the cops had brought me Godzilla on Crack?
I glanced at the phone on my desk and reluctantly killed what was left of my coffee and threw the cup in the trash.
No big deal.
If I was uncomfortable with the patient, I could always ask the officers to stay for coffee while I completed my evaluation. If things got really hairy, I could call up to the patient floors and get some help.
For now, this was just more of the same. Probably nothing I couldn’t handle on my own, like I did everything else.
I walked out of my office into the admissions hallway and covered the forty-foot distance to the back door as quickly as I could. Outside, I figured I’d find uniformed officers, and probably some poor homeless man or woman in handcuffs and blanket, sporting a wicked-evil case of frostbite on toes and fingers. Definitely the season for that. Had to expect it.
When I hit the intercom button, a gruff voice said, “NYPD. We got an evaluation for you, Doc.”
The metal handle was ice-cold when I gripped it and pulled open the door to reveal the two uniforms I expected, and­
Okay, so this, I didn’t expect.
“We found this guy wandering on the Triborough Bridge just before midnight.” The officer’s voice barely penetrated my consciousness as I stared at the “patient” standing between the two officers. “Central Emergency stitched him up­said it looks like he chopped himself up with a couple of Ginsu blades. Self-inflicted wounds. He hasn’t said a word since the paramedics scooped him up.”
I stood there, just as mute. Medical school, residency, and five years of on-the-job experience at Harshview, and I’d never seen anything like this guy.
The man­ John Doe for now ­looked like a cross between an extreme bodybuilder and a knight from some book of medieval tales. He stood quietly, no cuffs or restraints, arms folded across his broad, bare chest. Silky black curls brushed the edges of his tanned face. He was barefoot and naked from the waist up, clad only in bloodied jeans that hung in tatters against long, powerful legs.
Way too long since I’d had a date. Yep. The flutters in my belly­ definitely not okay. This was a patient, not some muscle hunk showing off in the gym.
Though if more muscle hunks at the gym looked like this. . . .
*Stop it.*
My eyes traveled over each well-cut line and bulge.
John Doe’s eyes, molten emeralds, fixed on me, and my pulse quickened. The air stirred, then hummed, and I could have sworn he was radiating some kind of­of power. I could almost see it, like the moonlit darkness shimmering against the office’s only window.
*Good God, I’m as crazy as he is.*
My heartbeat slowed, then revved again, this time with a funny skippy-squeezing beat, and I couldn’t seem to get a full breath. No man could be this handsome. The sight of him was actually rattling my senses. And the power thing, that had to be in my head. In my imagination. John Doe was a patient. No supernatural abilities.
*But if anyone on Earth really does have superhero powers, this would be the guy.*
“Weird that he doesn’t have any visible frostbite,” the second officer was saying during my mute assessment. “Guess he got lucky.”
Doing all I could to make myself be a doctor instead of a slack-jawed idiot, I inched back to allow the officers to escort the patient into Harshview’s admissions hallway.
Those eyes.
I could barely look anywhere else. I could dive into those eyes and swim for hours. My fingers curled. I could not have thoughts like this about a patient. It wasn’t ethical. It was downright slimy. The man’s lips parted, showing straight, white teeth. He smelled like cinnamon with a touch of cloves, fresh, but not overpowering. Delicious, actually.
*Don’t. Go. There.*
“Tox screen was clear, labs were normal.” The first cop patted the patient on the shoulder. “Hasn’t given us any trouble.”
John Doe kept staring at me, like he was trying to decide something. His beautiful mouth curved into something like a frown, and he lowered his hands to reveal the design carved into his Betadine-painted and stitched chest.
My eyes locked onto John Doe’s cuts, and my brain made a whining noise. Seemed to short out completely. There wasn’t enough room for me to assume a proper defensive stance to fight, but my muscles tightened from years of drilling and practice. I wanted a weapon. Felt like I needed a weapon. Harshview’s admissions hallway became a twisting, bending rabbit hole, and I was Alice, falling forward and backward at the same time, exploding into some nightmare version of Wonderland.
One of the policemen . . . but I couldn’t shake off the five pounds of freak-out crawling up and down my spine.
“You okay, Doc?” The second officer sounded a little worried. “Want to come back to us, here?”
*But I don't like to go among mad people,* Alice remarked. My thoughts chattered outside my control, and I barely kept my teeth from following suit. *Oh you can't help that, said the Cat: we're all mad here.*
John Doe’s full attention remained on me, and those unbelievably deep eyes grew wider and softer with concern. I also saw him struggle for some sort of recognition, as if he thought he should know me, but didn’t.
“Oh, my God.” My voice didn’t sound like my voice. I really couldn’t breath now. I barely kept myself upright. My vision blurred and swam, and all I could do was point at the cuts etched across John Doe’s heart.
An odd arrangement of lines, like a phoenix in flight and on fire, burning to death as it screamed its fate to imaginary stars above.
I had seen it before.
I saw it eighteen years ago in Armenia, when I was twelve, before my American soldier father brought me to the United States.
The same pattern had been carved into my Mother’s chest the day I found her dead in our living room.

Purchase Your Copy

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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Holidays & Holiday Contest!!!

It's been a crazy but wonderful time this past year. With the releases of the Dark Crescent Sisterhood, it's been a whirlwind of excitement and a busy schedule. I'm pleased to say that there will be more DCS books to come. Many have asked that Andy receive her own story, and yes she will, as will Bela. Unfortunately, I can't share too many details just yet, but I promise my site will be updated regularly as soon as information is available.

I wish all of my readers and their families a fantastic Holiday, full of joy, love and laughter! And may the new year bring more wonderful days ahead!

Now for December's Holiday contest:

To be entered to win a signed copy of BOUND BY FLAME, simply answer the questions below. (Answers can be found on my website in the Hot Off the Presses Interview: )

1. Where do Air Sibyls train?
2. Where do Earth Sibyls train?
3. Where do Fire Sibyls train?

Send responses to with “DECEMBER HOLIDAY BLOG CONTEST” in the subject. Winner will be drawn randomly from all entries on January 2nd, 2009.
Good Luck!!

Happy Holidays!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Blog Winners

I hope everyone had a fantastic and safe Halloween!
Thank you to everyone who entered the Blog Contest. I'm pleased to congratulate -
Michele H. & Charline G. Both winners receive an autographed copy of BOUND BY SHADOW. Michele & Charline, please check your inboxes for further information.

Those that didn't win this time, no worries, watch for a new Blog Contest beginning December 1st -- just in time for the Holidays *g*

Many of you have written wonderful emails about the Dark Crescent Sisterhood Series and for that I thank you. I'm humbled and awed at such great responses to this series. Good news as well, that there will be three more titles. Andy does get her own story, as well as Bela.

I promise to share more info as it's available.

Talk to you all again soon!